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Pain Management

Cancer treatment decisions are tough, but you can be an active part of it. Learn how…

COVID-19 has shift the way things are done in medicine, with a huge impact in the oncology sphere

Cancer and COVID-19: The Dreaded Diagnosis In the last blog, we tackled the question of, “what if cancer is suspected?” during the COVID-19 pandemic. We looked at various ways to get the desperately needed answers to that questions.  In this blog we will address the 2nd category, Cancer Diagnosis, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cancer suspected Cancer diagnosed After cancer treatment For many who suspected cancer, they may be told, “I’m glad to… Read More

HEAD AND NECK CANCER AWARENESS WEEK APRIL 13-19 UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS Did you know?   It is estimated that more than 60,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with head and neck cancers, with more than 14,000 deaths? Males are affected twice as often as females and the common age range is 55 to 65? Cancers of the base of tongue and tonsils are increasing in younger, non-smokers, mostly due to… Read More