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surviving prostate cancer

IN HONOR OF NATIONAL MEN’S HEALTH WEEK! Cancer Screening Save Lives Most men do not openly discussed their health.  Surveys show that most men think they are healthy, even if they have a few dire diagnosis.  Optimism? Head in the sand? Whichever the consensus, cancer screening save lives.  Here are few common cancer guidelines for prostate cancer screening, lung cancer screening, and colon cancer screening to consider. Remember, the information here regarding… Read More

Cancer and COVID-19: The Dreaded Diagnosis In the last blog, we tackled the question of, “what if cancer is suspected?” during the COVID-19 pandemic. We looked at various ways to get the desperately needed answers to that questions.  In this blog we will address the 2nd category, Cancer Diagnosis, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cancer suspected Cancer diagnosed After cancer treatment For many who suspected cancer, they may be told, “I’m glad to… Read More

A Large Prostate Does Not (Always) Equal Cancer! A very common complaint among men as they age is a change in their urinary habit. These complaints stems from common Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) caused from direct bladder outlet obstruction. This is often caused by a large prostate. Common complaints of a large prostate may include: Urgency to urinate Difficulty starting urination Weak urinary stream Dribbling at the end of urination  Interruption… Read More